Missing scenic parks

Sculpture of greens

I’ve been spending the past two weekends going through our US and Canada vacation photos from last year.  The more I look at them, the more I keep missing the scenic parks they have there. Really leads me to think that we don’t have any real parks here in Manila. Even our neighbors Malaysia and Thailand has better city parks than we do and they’re FREE! To describe our parks as depressing would be an understatement.

What I also observed was the lack of trash scattered around like our parks and many public places for that matter. I think Filipinos have a real problem with appreciating nature and respecting public places. Instead of going to a park to appreciate nature, people resort to going to malls. Which is really sad.

It just occurred to me that I posted something on this last September and I didn’t want to leave then. Recently, I’ve been having a bit of a change of heart.