Best Camera Accessory – Ever!

NPS Neckstrap

This is just me. But I consider this as the Best Camera Accessory – Ever! The NPS Neckstrap is something you can’t really buy. I was fortunate enough to be given one by a very nice NPS representative at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show while having my camera bodies cleaned at their stand in the Press lounge.

“You are very lucky,” said a Japanese photographer who was also having his camera cleaned at that time. Referring to the NPS not normally giving these away unless you’re both Japanese and a professional photographer. With the former garnering more weight.

I didn’t even have my pro bodies with me that time. I only brought 2 D70 bodies on this trip due to anticipated sore shoulders had I brought the D2x and D2h bodies with me. Its really a good thing the nice NPS rep believed I was really a pro photographer back home. The other rep was totally apprehensive just because I wasn’t Japanese.