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A trip to the Osaka Aquarium in Tempo...

A trip to the Osaka Aquarium in Tempozan

One of the more unique aquariums I’ve gone to is the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan which houses different aquatic life and marine mammals while reside in the Ring of Fire of the Pacific.

A sumo wrestler’s meal

A sumo wrestler’s meal

This towering plate of what vegetables, fish, crab, chicken, tofu, and mushrooms go into a pot of chicken broth that make up Chankonabe. Otherwise called a ‘sumo wrestler’s stew’, Chankonabe is a healthy protein rich meal used for weight gain in large quantities.

Headed to Japan’s Kitchen

Osaka Dotonbori

I’ll be Osaka bound in exactly a week for a short vacation. While I’ve been to Japan for three times already, they were all to Tokyo. There’s always a nice feeling to exploring a new place once again.

Best Camera Accessory – Ever!

Best Camera Accessory – Ever!

This is just me. But I consider this as the Best Camera Accessory – Ever! The NPS Neckstrap is something you can’t really buy. I was fortunate enough to be given one by a very nice NPS representative at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show while having my camera bodies cleaned at their stand in the […]